are you sick OF INCENSE THAT...

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A lot of incense has a strong perfumey smell, or all the scents smell alike.

Our incense has a more gentle aroma, and every scent smells authentic.

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You may be breathing in more than you bargained for with other brands.

We add no unnecessary chemicals, dyes, fillers or alcohol to our incense.

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We got tired of incense that we had to keep relighting or had a short burn.

We made sure that our sticks stay lit 'til the end, and burn long and clean.

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You Deserve Premium Incense

Whether you're freshening your home, relaxing in peaceful meditation or enjoying a romantic evening with that special love, a scent from Sensari will enhance and enrich your every experience.

We make our sticks here in America using only the purest, most natural ingredients available. No unnecessary dyes, additives or colors. We never cut our oils with fillers or alcohol, so the aroma you experience is pure - like nothing you've smelled before.

Ten inches in length and dipped to be long-burning and richly aromatic, we developed every scent and inspect and package each one so you only receive fresh, new incense. You'll receive it packaged in bundles of approx 100 sticks, labeled and wrapped carefully.  Oh, and we always send free samples with your order.

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Here's How it Works


Enjoy choosing from over 200 glorious scents listed on the View/Purchase Incense page.

Click on a scent to go to its product information page.

Step 2

Add your scents to the cart. You'll be able to edit your cart and make your purchase.

Multi-bundle discounts will be taken at checkout.

Step 3

When we receive your order, we'll dip it fresh, and ship it to you by priority mail.

Dipping and drying takes time, about 7 to 10 days.

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Discounts on 3 or more bundles.

Amazing Incense Deserves an Amazing Burner

You want a burner that looks great and catches all the ashes, all the time. Our large, hand-crafted burners are little pieces of furniture made to keep your big pieces of furniture clean.

Our Zen and Trough Burners are made in America by our own wood-crafting artisan. Your new burners will not only catch all the ashes for multiple sticks, they're easy to clean. You can carry and empty them safely without any of the ashy mess falling to the floor.

Each holds two sticks so you can fill a room with one fabulous aroma or mix scents to please your tastes and moods.

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