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"The vendor cares about the product, quality assurance and most importantly, customer satisfaction. It's as if I walked into a boutique and I was the only customer in the shop."                                                                                      - Falco DiCielo, Customer -

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Choose us because you enjoy the nicer things in life. Or because you like to buy products made in America.  Choose us because you're an incense gourmet and have been searching for scents that meet your refined requirements.  Try us because you're the customer and deserve to be treated with love. Choose us because you're ready to move on to something better.  Way better.

This is not Your Dorm Room Incense.

Not only do we make premium incense and burners, our service and dedication to you will be unsurpassed.  Our 100% "We Love You" guarantee means if you want a refund for any reason, all you have to do is ask.  For the rest of your life. ​​

That's me, Dotti, and my husband Art on our anniversary. We're committed to making the most unbelievably fantastic-smelling incense on the planet and treating you like royalty.  We think we've succeeded, and hope you agree. 

Our one give you rich, luxurious scents that raise your spirits and enrich your life.  Your happiness is all that matters.

                 Don't just burn incense....Light a Sensari.


 A Few Words About Us

Customer Review

Absolutely in love ! love the burner, piece of art really. Love the incense sticks ! Very very good quality !!!! Going to order more incense from them tonight! love they are their own little business and here in the United States !

​                                                                                          -Terri Ellison -

"The packaging is obviously done with care, and I LOVE that this product is made in the U.S. I will definitely buy again. And again. And again."

​                                                                             Karen E. Schaeffer, Customer

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Customer Reviews

"I just bought this incense set for the second time because I enjoyed it so much the first time. The customer service is also really excellent."

​                                                                        - Amanda K. Hefner -