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Trough Burner

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Whether you're freshening your home, relaxing in peaceful meditation or enjoying a romantic evening with that special love, a scent from Sensari will enhance and enrich your every experience.  

We make our sticks  using  only the purest, most natural ingredients available.  No fake dyes, additives or colors. We never cut our oils with fillers, so the aroma you experience is like none you've ever experienced.  Dipped to be long-burning and richly aromatic, we developed every scent ourselves and inspect and package every stick so you only receive fresh, moist incense .  

Then we package it all with a burner and put it all in a gift bag.  A perfect gift for you or someone you love.



You want a burner that looks great and catches all the ashes, all the time.  Our large, hand-crafted burners are little pieces of furniture made to keep your big pieces of furniture clean.  

Made in America by two wood crafting artisans, your new burners will not only catch all the ashes, they're easy to clean. You can carry and empty them safely without any of the mess falling to the floor.

Each holds two sticks so you can fill a room with one fabulous aromas or mix scents to please your tastes and moods.

Customer Review

"Sensari incense is by far the best incense I have ever used. The scents smell absolutely amazing in your home, AND to top off an already great product, they have excellent customer service!."                                                                  

                                                                                     - Toiah Gordon - 

Individual Scents
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why our incense rocks

 Customer Review

"​Sensari incense sticks smell amazing and burn extremely smooth. I will definitely purchase again and recommend this product. Customer service is excellent/above and beyond expectations - they truly care about their product and the happiness of their customers. 5 stars definitely!"

​                                                                                                                                       - Stacey Breit  -

​​​​13 Scent Gift Set

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You'll enjoy every stick, lovingly made by hand

in america.  yes, every stick.

More than Incense, an Experience.

Zen Burner

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