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Taurus, we know you want a relaxing scent to nap to after all your hard work! You appreciate beauty and a beautiful aroma. Taurus incense delivers!

The sign of Taurus means you were born between April 20th and May 20th under the sign of the Bull. What a perfect sign for you my dear Taurus! Solid and Strong!

With the of element of Earth, you are grounded and practical, you are known to be logical in your communications and relationships.

Your qualities include being steady in all you do. Change is not easy for you, but you do what you need to.

Traits of a Taurus include; relaxing, a good nap never hurt anyone! You are sensual, any time of day is good for you! You are also consistent and reliable. Always seeking pleasure, you are an admirer of beauty. You are a hard worker, great with money, and you strive for security.

The most compatible signs with Taurus are generally considered to be Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.

You are ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love and harmony! It helps you stay calm. Venus also supports your erotic, sensual and snuggly times.

You are also ruled by your neck including the throat. People born under Taurus tend to have a sweet-sounding voice or musical inclination

Your specific Taurus incense scent is a blend of amber and apple. A subtle aroma good for use anytime… day or night, work or play!

You are solid as a rock! Reliable and trustworthy, people around you admire you and your work ethic. Enjoy your down times with Taurus incense, supporting the real you!

There are scents available for all the zodiac signs! It makes a great and caring gift.

Other people under the sign of Taurus include: Adele, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Tina Fey and George Clooney