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You can live without a premium incense made just for you Scorpio. But why would you? This is your life and you should enjoy your time with the beautiful aroma of Incense made especially for you!

The sign of Scorpio means you were born between October 23th and November 21st under the sign of the scorpion. A sign that fits ambitious Scorpio perfectly!

With elements of intuitive emotion, you are known to be determined, passionate and magnetic. People are drawn to your resilience you are not a giver upper! You know how to reach your goals.

Some of your qualities are being focused, brave, faithful and balanced. Your magnetic personality keeps people around you – they are naturally drawn to these positive characteristics.

Traits of a Scorpio person include ambition and sexual prowess. You are not to be taken lightly!

The most compatible signs with Scorpio are generally considered to be Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.

You are ruled by the planet Pluto, God of the underworld. In astrology, Pluto energies are transforming. Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth.

You are also ruled by your reproductive system and sexual organs. When you are upset these areas may be affected. Being ruled by these areas of the body makes you a very sensual being.

Your specific Scorpio scent in the incense is a blend of jasmine and musk to match your sensational sexy personality. These two beautiful scents come together and excite your natural magnetic self!

The Scorpio person is balanced and sensual. Your demeanor attracts others to you! You are a fantastic employee because you are engaged and care about your relationships. Continue your adventure with your special Scorpio incense, supporting the real you!

There are scents available for all the zodiac signs! It makes a great and caring gift.

Other people under the sign of Scorpio include: Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Whoopi Goldberg and Pablo Picasso.